Services Offered:

Check Cashing - Payroll, Social Security, Income Tax

Michigan Lottery

Western Union Money Transfer & Money Orders

Cell Phones - Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Simple Mobile, Page Plus

Bill Payments - DTE, Comcast, Wow, and More


Beer, Liquor, and Wine

And More!!!


E-Cigs (Vapor)

Beer - Wine - Liquor

Arak, Everclear, 100 proof liquor

Arak - Imported. Everclear etc. Over 100 Proof!


Wide Variety of Top Notch Champagne - Moet is 2 for $100


Moonshine - Regular (100 Proof) - Flavors (40 - 80 Proof)


Sake - Wide Variety of Flavors

BuzzBallz - 17% Alcohol!

Serena Wine

Serena Sweet Red Wine


Gulo Gulo


Gulo Gulo - Craft Beer

Wolverine Beer


Wolverine - Craft Beer

We offer a wide variety of craft beer. Stop in to see them all.


**Call for full menu**

Pizza - Dearborn, MI

Haven't you heard? Mike's has the best pizza in town!

$1.50 per slice.

Whole Pepperoni Pizza: $8.00

Whole Deluxe Pizza: $11.00
Cheese Bread Dearborn, MI

Cheese Bread

Chicken Shawarma

Chicken Shawarma Sandwich


Sausage/Kielbasa Wraps

Mike's has become Dearborn's "one stop shop." Whether you need your check cashed, an ice cold beverage, liquor, beer, or pizza, we've got you covered!! Come see your friendly, neighborhood party store.